"There is no sweeter pleasure than to surprise a man by
giving him more than he expected! "(Charles Baudelaire)





Room rates at Posada La Casita

Convince yourself of our very attractive room rates at Posada La Casita in Ciudad Bolívar.

Book your room online now- on request together with our excellent and rich breakfast.

We are a family-friendly Posada  - stay for children under 4 years free of charge - up to 12 years sharing room with parents 50% discount.


Single Room                             18,00 €

Double Room                            23,00 €

Triple Room                              27,00 €

Four-bed Room                         30,00 €


All prices are per room / per night

We have13 rooms. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom and toilet


Tent / Hammock / Caravan         10,00 € per person



Breakfast:                                   4,00 €

Lunch and Dinner                        from 4,00 € to 9,00 € depending on the dish (There are several dishes to choose)


For payment we accept:

Travellers cheques inand U.S.$ currencies, cash in , U.S.$, and Bs.F. and advance payments to our bank account